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6 min read

Migrating Custom Themes from Drupal 9 to Drupal 10: Removing Dependencies on Classy and Stable

Upgrading to Drupal 10? Here’s how you get your custom theme ready for Drupal 10.
4 min read

Custom Drush Commands: Site-wide Drush Commands

Does your Drupal site have custom scripts? Many of them can probably be written as beautiful custom Drush commands.
8 min read

Full Stack Drupal Developer at Symetris: Interview, Experience, and Review

Read about my experience working as a Senior Drupal Developer at Symetris; one of the most peaceful jobs I have had so far.
9 min read

Acquia Certified Drupal 9 Expert: Preparation, Experience, and Review

How to prepare for Acquia’s Drupal certification test and how I become a Triple Certified Drupal Expert in ~8 hours on a Friday the 13th.
5 min read

Drall: A Tool to Run Drush on Multi-site Drupal Installations

A command-line tool to run drush on all or multiple sites in multi-site Drupal installations. One command to Drush them all!
4 min read

Phpake: A Tool like Make/Rake Built for PHP

Have you ever struggled with writing or updating a Makefile? Now you can write a Phpakefile instead! Phpake is similar to GNU Make, but built for PHP.

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I am Jigarius. I am a software engineer based in Montréal, specialized in web development, working with tech like PHP, Ruby, Python, and JS. Programming aside, I keep interest in languages, music, philosophy, astronomy, literature among other things. I hope you enjoy my articles.

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