2 minute intro

Hello! I’m Jigarius. Life is short and so is my intro! Here’s a 2 minute intro for those in a hurry.

  • I’ve been doing full-stack web development since 2010.
  • I’ve been doing full-stack Drupal since 2013 and I’m an Acquia Certified Drupal Expert.
  • I work with PHP, Ruby, Python, JS, SQL, HTMLCSS, and Docker.
  • I’ve built a few CMSs and e-commerce platforms from scratch.
  • I studied BBA, specializing in Marketing and I’m a self-taught programmer.
  • I’m based in Montréal, QC.
  • I speak English, Spanish, French, Hindi, and a few other languages.
  • I’ve successfully finished at least 99 projects – I’ve stopped keeping count.
  • I like contributing to open-source projects and writing blog articles.
  • I am nothing in the grand scheme of things – a mere mortal who’ll be dead before the end of this century.
  • I am only available in brown color ✊🏽.

Sometimes, short introductions are not enough, isn't it? Read on to learn more about my adventures.

Work skills

Here are the top 4 skills that I currently use on a daily basis.

PHP Sherlock

JavaScript Mycroft

Python Moriarty

Ruby Watson


Here’s a list of places where I’ve worked – More details can be found on my LinkedIn profile.

Mar 2021
to Present


Senior Web Developer

Symetris is a Montréal-based web development agency specialized in Drupal. Being a certified full-stack Drupal Developer with 10 years of experience with web technologies, my role here includes:

  • Maintain existing websites built on Drupal 7 and Drupal 8.
  • Maintain a 200 websites strong Drupal 9 multisite installation.
  • Optimize both backend and frontend performance of our Drupal websites.
  • Brainstorm with the team to propose and implement company-wide improvements to the production process.
  • As team lead, ensure that the team can finish projects nicely and on time.
  • Represent Symetris at web development conferences and make presentations to share knowledge with the community.
Feb 2020
to Dec 2020



Employee XX363

Sep 2016
to Jan 2020

Evolving Web

Senior Drupal Developer | Montréal, Canada

Evolving Web is one of my favorite employers! The atmosphere at the office is very friendly and I get to focus on producing good quality output. Here are some of the interesting things that I did at Evolving Web:

  • Plan, build and maintain medium to large-scale Drupal websites with features like multi-language support, accessibility, SEO, Solr-powered search, and more.
  • Analyze project-related problems, propose solutions, and implement them.
  • Determine project scope and plan the project timeline.
  • Participate in meetings with clients and communicate with them (sometimes in French).
  • Train client staff and Drupal enthusiasts interested in our training services.
  • Represent the company at technical conferences like Drupal Camps, Decoupled Days, etc.
  • Perform technical interviews and technical tests.
  • Collaborate with and manage remote employees working from other countries.
Mar - Aug

Imaginamos SAS

Drupal Developer | Bogotá, Colombia

In 2016 I desperately wanted to move to Bogotá, CO for some personal reasons. Luckily, Imaginamos was looking for a Drupal developer for a medium-sized mobile app project. I passed their test and I flew all the way to Bogotá to be a part of one of the biggest web agencies in Colombia! Here’s a summary of my responsibilities at Imaginamos:

  • Maintenance of existing Drupal 7 projects.
  • Build Drupal-powered web services for a mobile application for a big client named Bavaria – one of the biggest corporates in Colombia.
  • Coordinating with a mobile app development team based in India.
  • Ensuring multi-language output – English and Spanish.

However, in six months, the main Drupal project came to an end. But in those 6 months I gained some very good memories and experience. Also, communicating with the team gave a boost to my Spanish vocabulary and accent.

Dec 2013
to Feb 2016

Greenpill Productions

Proprietor | Kolkata, India

Ah those Greenpill days! Towards the end of 2013, I decided to start my own web dev shop which I ran for 3 years. During these years, I gained practical knowledge about running a business as I participated in all sorts of activities from finding clients to post-sales services. It was an amazing experience!

Here’s what I used to do at Greenpill:

  • Find potential clients and generate new business.
  • Plan and execute projects from start to finish.
  • Coordinate with team members – design team and other developers.
  • Build and maintain PHP projects – mainly powered by Drupal, but occasionally powered by other frameworks.

Having decided to move to Colombia, I had to drop my idea of getting an office and employees. But it was a wonderful experience running Greenpill and I’d definitely like to do it again someday.

Aug 2010
to Nov 2013

Xgenmedia Pvt Ltd

Team Leader & Senior Developer | Kolkata, India

When my friend found out that I was learning web development, him and his business partner decided to give me a chance to work at their company Xgenmedia. This was my first job in IT and the opportunity to the fullest to improve my programming skills.

Here are some of the things I used to do at Xgenmedia:

  • Evaluate potential projects and coordinate with the project manager to prepare proposals and other documentation for potential projects.
  • Coordinate with my team to make sure we were moving in the right direction and prepare deliverables as per the project timeline.
  • Build back end heavy web applications in Code Igniter and a proprietary PHP framework called fPHP.

My experience at Xgenmedia gave me a chance to work with and improve my understandings of core PHP. I worked with them for 3 years and it was a very fun experience.

Sep 2008
to Jul 2010

Before I.T.

After graduating from the University of Calcutta, I had a hard time figuring out what I was going to do in life. I wanted to work in branding and advertising, however, things didn’t go in that direction. I even thought of working in audio/video production, but it was hard to get a job in that line.

Here are some jobs I did before I started working as a developer:

Sales Officer at Lauret

Selling bath tubs and bath accessories to interior decorators, retailers and wholesalers. Handling visitors at the showroom and coordinating with the head office in New Delhi regarding day-to-day activities.

Junior Graphics Designer at Vinod Daing Designs

Designing branding materials for small-scale enterprises, e.g. logos, visiting cards, letter heads, etc.

Senior Graphics Designer at Personalized Funda

Designing and printing personalized gifts like mugs, plates, tiles and more. Communicating with visitors at the store and handling the sales process.


Yes, I am a language enthusiast! Mostly because I watched many Japanese cartoons as a child, e.g. Ninkū, Flame of Recca, and Dragon Ball. I was always curious about languages, but I only started learning one in 2009, inspired by the Canción del Mariachi from the movie Desperado. One of my life goals is to speak all of the UN's official languages. However, I sincerely wish that all humanity speaks a common language by the end of 2200.

English C2

Spanish C1

French B2

Portuguese B1

Hindi C1

Gujarati C2

Bengali C1